About Pivotal Animations

Pivotal Animations was formed in 2004 by Andrew Castle, after he noticed a gap in the market for high quality 3D images and animations. Our company has over 10 years’ experience working in the 3D visualization industry and we pride ourselves on producing realistic and believable imagery and animations across a range of sectors.

Pivotal Animations is known for its customer focus and detailed, realistic visuals.  When you can’t tell that it’s been designed virtually, we know we have done a good job!

Our clients have included:

  • Architects
  • Property developers
  • Manufacturing and Engineering companies
  • Utility firms
  • Interior design consultants
  • Film production
  • Private commissions for home owners

We use the latest software and hardware to provide a fast and high quality product to suit your needs.  We typically start the process with architectural drawings and schedules, assist throughout the design process and refine your final image/animation so that it meets your needs.  We believe that communication is the key to a successful project and we stay in touch from idea conception to product creation.   This way of working means that our clients receive an efficient service and are always satisfied by the detail and realism of our work.



Our animations and images help our clients to visualise and communicate their ideas to their colleagues, potential clients or planning authorities. Our services bring your ideas to life.

Our range of services include:

  • Design development:  Models can be generated to varying levels of detail to help understand the impact of your design within its environment. This is especially useful for form studies, concept design, context planning and daylight studies.  Our models will allow you to refine your design so that it meets your needs.
  • Images: 3D Perspective, Photomontages and Orthographic visuals can all be created using our 3D package and rendered to your specification.
  • Animations: Walk through and technical animations offer a high level of detail, so that you can immerse yourself in the design and be able to easily communicate your design concept.
  • Verified Views: Proposed development can be accurately surveyed and photographed to show a precise representation of the development within its surrounds. A full breakdown of the process involved for each view, is given in detail for verification by planning authorities.

  • 3D Modelling: Custom 3D models can be created for use in your own 3D package if you do not have inhouse resource.
  • 2D Coloured plans: Site plans and elevations can be enhanced for brochures or web use.
  • 3D Tracking: The ability to track live footage to seamlessly merge your design into its real environment.
  • Render farm: On site render farm capabilities allow us to produce our high quality images and animations. If you require your own 3D models to be rendered for use in animations or stills, we can also offer this service.


We appreciate that the work you are undertaking may be private and confidential due to planning regulations or competitor threat. We perform all our services with confidentiality in mind and do not communicate with third parties unless instructed to. We are happy to sign non-disclosure agreements where necessary.